New Hours Sunday, Monday Closing

There are new hours on Sundays starting week. Hours for Sunday are now 12pm-4pm.


And, as our Monday Night host Cesar departs this week, the Bikery will now be closed on Mondays.  Where is Cesar going, you might ask.  WELL – he moved to Hawaii to bike tour over land and water (yes, really – he plans on touring island to island using inflatable pontoons under his bike when traveling over water !) and to start a new bike co-op called Bikekiki.  We are very sad to lose him at the Bikery, but we are sure that Hawaii will be lucky to have him, and hope that he will have a great time (we’re not too worried… it is Hawaii after all).  Cesar is also doing some fundraising on his epic trip, and a percentage of the money will go to the Valley Bikery along with Journey House!  If you are interested in following his adventures you can check out his blog Homeless where the Heart is.


Since Cesar is leaving we do have to cut back our hours by closing Mondays.  If you would like to help us be open more hours, please volunteer!  It’s a lot of fun and you will learn a lot about bike maintenance, event planning, community organizing, and our eccentric personalities for FREE!  Plus you can get free stand time and other discounts.  For more info, email us at


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