YoCycle is currently on a winter hiatus.  Check back in the spring for more yoga and bicycling!


Sundays (starting again in the Spring – stay tuned for more info as the weather gets warmer) 

9:00 am: Meet at Valley Bikery

9:30 am: Ride

10:15 am: Yoga at Balboa Lake (right here)

11:15 am: Ride back to Valley Bikery

12 pm: Namaste :)

Bring: A bike, a yoga mat or towel, water, snacks  Wear: comfortable clothing

Rain Cancels

yocycle peeps

About the Instructor:

sharon yocycle profile

Sharon Porat is an avid yogi and cyclist.  Her class is a mix of Hatha Yoga and Warrior Yoga, and is good for all levels, even beginners.  Sharon has studied yoga for many years, especially Warrior Yoga, which, among other things, focuses on finding “peace in struggle.”  She brings a level of introspection and connection that will refocus and revitalize you for the rest of your week.  She also pays special attention to stretching the muscles that tend to get tight while cycling, so that you can maximize your workout or daily commute!


4 responses to “YoCycle”

  1. Lucie Currelley says :

    Hello Sharon, Where at Balboa Lake do you meet for yoga? Thank you, Lucie

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